Community Outreach

The search is on for Fairview Park residents, business owners and operators, customers and supporters who are interested in helping drive and maintain a stable, healthy and attractive business community.  We’ve formed three Task Forces to address our priorities for the coming year.

The Community Outreach Task Force has three areas of responsibility: engage the community, retain and support existing Lorain Road businesses, and attract new businesses/development to the Lorain Road Corridor. Our first priority is to survey community groups (residents, business owners/operators, etc.) to understand their business needs, experiences on Lorain Road, and priorities for progress. Discussions will also be held with other civic agencies engaging in comparable work. The information we collect will be analyzed and shared with city government and other groups working to strengthen the community. The community’s priorities for progress will inform our efforts going forward – how best to drive support to the existing businesses on Lorain Road and draw the interest of new businesses and developers to vacant storefronts, underused and outdated properties. We also look forward to developing community activities and events that will support current and potential businesses.

Help us keep our momentum going FORWARD.

We need you and your civic pride. Reach out to us if you’d like to work on one of our committees. Just a few hours a month of your time can help make a difference.