The search is on for Fairview Park residents, business owners and operators, customers and supporters who are interested in helping drive and maintain a stable, healthy and attractive business community.  We’ve formed three Task Forces to address our priorities for the coming year.

The Placemaking Task Force will work toward improving the appearance of the Lorain Road Corridor and challenging the community to view Lorain Road not as it is but what it could be. Promoting property maintenance through “Fresh Mobs” and enforcement of Fairview Park regulations are our lead initiatives, along with supporting the City’s beautification efforts. These activities have immediate impact and visibility through volunteer labor, partnering with other community groups and/or the support of grant or public-private partnership opportunities. We will also focus on branding the Corridor with unique design elements and signage, a more complex public works project that likely will evolve over several years. Advocating for more and healthier trees, cost-effective options for supplemental landscaping, incentive programs for property beautification and mapping the overall economic benefits of curb appeal improvements round out the activities of this group’s agenda.