Policy and Standards

The search is on for Fairview Park residents, business owners and operators, customers and supporters who are interested in helping drive and maintain a stable, healthy and attractive business community.  We’ve formed three Task Forces to address our priorities for the coming year.

The Policy and Standards Task Force will advocate for policies and standards that support a high-quality business environment along the Lorain Road Corridor.  We will take a deep dive into the community’s codes and ordinances to figure out what currently governs the planning, design, appearance, signage, traffic and conduct of businesses along the Corridor.  Once we’re familiar with the code (both local and state) we will analyze whether they are adequate, enforced and appropriate to current conditions or whether updates, changes, and/or enhancements are needed to improve the corridor’s business climate and design standards.

Help us keep our momentum going FORWARD.

We need you and your civic pride. Reach out to us if you’d like to work on one of our committees. Just a few hours a month of your time can help make a difference.