Find It in Fairview: Cleveland Cabinets

Something about the mere promise of spring makes many homeowners begin thinking about new kitchen or bathroom cabinets or countertops—or a total redesign to create those cherished “open sightlines” spoken about on HGTV. But where to start? You… Read More

Find It in Fairview: Curves

Curves is a facility specially designed for women featuring a complete, 30-minute workout that’s fun, fast and safe.  Unlike other gyms, there are no men, no mirrors, and no makeup.  Everyone is welcome to come as they are… Read More

Find It In Fairview: Laundry Love Project

Welcome to our first edition of Find It in Fairview. Here’s the skinny: Each month, we will feature one of Fairview Park’s businesses, events, or organizations as a way to spread the word on just how cool our city is…. Read More

Forward Fairview Park to launch Find It in Fairview feature

Introducing Forward Fairview Park’s newest feature, Find It in Fairview! Each month we will showcase a Fairview Park small business, event, or program unique to our community. Find It in Fairview was born in an effort to support our friends and neighbors, and… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – but wait, what about those five golden benefits?

In 12 days, there was a lot of ground covered in Forward Fairview Park’s holiday shopping excursion along Lorain Road. Gift giving is at its best when it is local, thoughtful and includes building your own ‘community’ of… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 12

On the twelfth “shop Fairview” day… Christmas shopping is a classic pastime, but it’s time to wind things down. What better way to do that than with a burger and beer at another classic – Fairview’s iconic historic-and-newly-refurbished neighborhood tavern:… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 11

On the eleventh “shop Fairview” day… Rack ‘em up…all 11…well, actually it’s 12. River City Billiards takes you back to the new old days, your favorite corner stop for a game of pool. Tucked back in a nice… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 10

Updated September 9, 2017: Paint It Yourself ceased operations since this blog was originally published. On the tenth “shop Fairview” day… Still stuck on what to get Nana for Christmas? We’ve got the perfect (and we do mean perfect)… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 9

On the ninth “shop Fairview” day… The next time someone asks you “What’s new?” say, “Flip phones,” or “Hula hoops,” or “Mozart as no. 1 bestseller on Billboard.” All true. With an equal amount of truth you can… Read More

Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 8

On the eighth “shop Fairview” day… More energy??? Sign me up!  All this running around for Christmas gifts, and starting with a donut, might lead to the conclusion that you owe yourself a gift, too. Over the course… Read More