Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 11

day-11On the eleventh “shop Fairview” day… Rack ‘em up…all 11…well, actually it’s 12. River City Billiards takes you back to the new old days, your favorite corner stop for a game of pool. Tucked back in a nice little spot at 21414 Lorain Road, this place has six very nice Diamond Pro pool tables, a bar to pull up to, quiet lighting (without the smoke of old), and the loud click of a cue on the ball that breaks the bunch, hopefully to your advantage. This is one of those underrated hobbies – a sport that men or women can play in small teams, one-on-one, or on your own. It’s a leisurely game that can be highly competitive. Take Monday night 9-Ball League – just hanging out with a couple of friends, your own or some new ones, relaxing and playing pool, $11 a person, per week, starts each week at 7:30pm. And then there are tournament nights, like Thursdays – 9-Ball Chip Tournament, 7:30 starting time, $12 entry. Summertime (wow, when was it warm?) will find some at the Wednesday Night “Beat the Heat Special!” Play all night from 6pm to Midnight for only $10! Per person!!!

Owner Wally Kole has been at this for a while, and still thoroughly enjoys the game. Don’t know how to play or rusty? They offer pool instruction as well. Complete on-site cue repairs available or just drop off your cue. Services include replacing tips, ferrules, wraps, clean the shaft and more. Looking for a new cue? Stop in and look at the nice variety of new and gently used cues! They carry a collection of Nick Varner cues.

A pool cue makes a great gift for a seasoned player. And if you’re looking to give something “to do” rather than something to “wrap,” this is a great find for your dad, brother or sister, best buddy – schedule a night out over the cold winter months and try a new hobby, hone your game over a catch up conversation. It’s addictively relaxing. Rack ‘em up and shoot – that’d be the 12 balls after Christmas…..

River City Billiards is at 21414 Lorain Road, call 440-333-5808 to catch Wally for more information.