Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 5

day-5On the fifth “shop Fairview” day… Desperately in need of gift ideas for the holidays? How about heading to a local shop that sells . . . gifts? The Gift Hut and Flowers, which has been in Fairview Park for nearly 50 years – 24 at its current location – is a sensory explosion of everything that is lovely and smells good.

Shop owner/designer Terry Buddie takes full advantage of every square inch of floor space, and upon entry you might feel a wee bit overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of his inventory. In order to drink it all in you might want to schedule your visit over a couple days. In other words, treat it like the Louvre. Plan on spending time – if you can’t find what you want, Terry is more than happy to guide you around his themed gift areas, like gourmet food and wine, pets, women’s clothing and jewelry, birth celebrations, religious and other holidays, the “Irish area,” and of course weddings, as the Gift Hut is also a flower shop – in fact, it’s one of the largest wedding florists in Ohio.

Currently, the Gift Hut is a Christmas wonderland of figurines, poinsettias, cards, ornaments – you name it. Terry explains, “We have everything from flowers to candles, cards to ornaments, food, clothing, jewelry, figurines and LED light-ups, planters, poinsettias and other live flowers, fabric bags, fragrances and lotions.” And there’s more, so whether you’re shopping for your hairdresser, your kid’s teacher, the school crossing guard, your neighbor, yoga instructor, parking lot attendant, dog walker or your dog, you’re liable to find something at the Gift Hut.

The Gift Hut and Flowers is at 22086 Lorain Road. Hours are 10 am – 6 pm Tues. through Fri. and 10 – 5 on Saturday. The shop is closed on Sunday and Monday.