Twelve Days of Shopping Fairview – Day 7

day-7On the seventh “shop Fairview” day… it’s time for the “Family Day Gift Deck!” Expand the holidays beyond the “stuff” and celebrate family time – doing things together, reading, riding bikes, hikes in the woods, building snowmen, baking, crafting – whatever pulls your family together! Create a “deck” of cards with homemade and real gift cards for fun and interesting family events. Wrap 3-5 of these family treat nights together to start your New Year together. Check out these options:

Create your own Family Day Gift Deck around places and activities your family enjoys. Include volunteer activities at your church or civic interest. Round it out with a bit of the “stuff” each family member is hoping for – and keep emphasizing the experiences you have together. It changes the way you look at the holidays! There are great options for spending quality time up and down Fairview Park’s Lorain Road Corridor to fill your family’s new year with fun and interesting things to do. Merry merry, all the way into the New Year!