Advancing Lorain Road improvement projects in 2018

A message from Shawn Leininger, Fairview Park’s Director of Service & Development:

As we turn the page on 2017, let us take a brief moment to look forward to 2018. This year will be an important year for advancing two Lorain Road improvement projects.

Lorain Road Streetscape Improvement
The first project is to finalize design plans for the Lorain Road Streetscape Improvement Project that extends from West 221 Street to the North Olmsted border. Based on guidance from the 2013 City of Fairview Park Master Plan and US EPA Sustainable Communities Planning for Infill Development Workshop, current plans call for the greening of Lorain Road by removing concrete from the tree lawns, creating buffers to private parking lots, sidewalk and curb improvements, and making the sidewalk more comfortable to pedestrians. Scheduled for construction in 2019, the total estimated project cost is $1,455,176. We are fortunate to be partners in the project with the State of Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). ODOT is providing $1,215,176 towards the project through a variety of funding sources.

Lorain Road May Be Going on a Diet
The City has also received $80,000 in funding from the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) through a Transportation for Livable Communities (TLCI) grant to study a road diet for Lorain Road. A road diet is an urban planning term used to describe reducing the number of travel lanes or width of the roadway to provide improvements for safety and mobility of users, including motorists and pedestrians.

We will be examining all of Lorain Road through Fairview Park to determine if we may be able to implement a road diet for the entire corridor or a portion of it. If found to be feasible, we anticipate our initial focus will be between the intersections of West 210 Street and West 220 Street as this area has been generally identified as Fairview Park’s “Downtown.”

The implementation of a road diet on Lorain Road can result in its greening, improvement of pedestrian safety and comfort, add on-street parking, remove the meandering travel lanes, and result in other improvements recommended by the previously mentioned Master Plan and workshop that are influencing the Streetscape Improvement Project. Once authorized by NOACA, we plan to start and complete the study in 2018.

Note: This post originally appeared in the City of Fairview Park’s January 2018 electronic newsletter. Click here to sign up for the e-newsletter.