Forward Fairview Park to launch Find It in Fairview feature

Introducing Forward Fairview Park’s newest feature, Find It in Fairview! Each month we will showcase a Fairview Park small business, event, or program unique to our community. Find It in Fairview was born in an effort to support our friends and neighbors, and as a fun way for our readers to learn about what Fairview Park has to offer. We have many hidden gems in this city, and we want to help our community get to know all of them.

If you have a business you would like see featured, if you’re a regular at an establishment that everyone just needs to know about, or you want to spread the word about an upcoming festival, event, fundraiser, or the like, tell us! Email Forward Fairview Park, or post to our Facebook page. Our first feature will start next month, so get your suggestions in. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, where we will be sharing information on a more regular basis.

We look forward to exploring all of the cool places that call Fairview Park home, and helping to spread the love around our community.