Find It In Fairview: Laundry Love Project

Welcome to our first edition of Find It in Fairview. Here’s the skinny: Each month, we will feature one of Fairview Park’s businesses, events, or organizations as a way to spread the word on just how cool our city is. While we have our own list a mile long, we would love the resident connection, so please email us and let us know who we should feature.

Without further ado, our first feature is “The Laundry Love Project”, a very special program coordinated by Messiah Lutheran Church and School. Click the image below to view a feature aired on Channel 3’s, “We the People.”

As we enter the part of the year when many like to give back, the Laundry Love Project is a great way to help your local community. The last Thursday of every month, Messiah Lutheran partners with Leo’s Laundromat (20210 Lorain Road) to pay for the laundry services for those in need. Since the program began in January 2017, Messiah Lutheran has paid to launder 10,885 lbs of clothes & bedding – over FIVE TONS! – of clothing and bedding for local people in need. A casual meal is provided, and Messiah Lutheran even recently started handing out children’s books, many of which were donated by our very own Friends of the Fairview Park Library.

We were blown away to learn of this program, and the great work that’s happening right here in our community. Many times when we think about how to help those in need, our minds go to food and clothing donations, but the ability to launder clothes and bedding can also be big challenge for those struggling to afford basic necessities. Clean clothes can make a world of difference for a job interview, for kids at school, and to help the human spirit.

If you’d like to help or get involved, visit or call Janice Snyder, Program Coordinator at (440) 331-6553 ext. 250.