Fairview Shopping Centre, September 1947

By September 1947, Fairview Shopping Centre had been under construction for 18 months and was nearing completion. The shopping center was built on property previously owned by the Potter family. The Potter home was moved to a small section of their property, where it still stands today at 21492 Hillsdale Ave. The center cost in excess of $1 million, was constructed of stone and masonry, and contained 50 fireproof units. The interior decorations included modern fluorescent lighting, asphalt tile flooring and acoustical treatment. The parking lot was designed to accommodate over 1,000 cars with both front and rear parking. Included in the design were two large units, the Fairview Theatre that held 1,800 seats and a bowling center with 20 lanes, both were air-conditioned, and featured the latest in interior decorations and sound equipment.

By September 1947 the following stores had plans to occupy units: Cleveland Trust Company, Micklos Delicatessen, Brunner Apparel Shop (women’s apparel), Fairview Jewelers, Maher’s Sweet Shoppe, Eucker’s Florist, Charles Butler (records and music), Rand Cleaners, MacAllister’s (men’s apparel), Mayer’s Gift Shop, Dr. E.L. Conry, M.D., Dr. Bubis, D.D.S., The Standard Drug Co., Demick Shoes, Kroger Super Market, Fruit and Vegetable Market, Lending Library, Venetian Blind and Shade Shop, Fisher Master Market, Harper’s Hardware Co., Kaase’s Bakery, Grall and Heudzell (furniture and appliances), Scott’s 5 and 10 Store, Jack and Jill Shop, Curtain and Drapery Shop, General Sporting Goods, Sally’s Beauty Salon, Ohio State Liquor Store, Polito Beverage Co., Shoe Repair Shop, Valente’s Tavern, Photographers, Barber Shop, Department Stores, and many more to follow. Some of the stores were opened as early as August 1947 and the remaining stores were open by December 1947.

Today, Fairview Shopping Centre is very different, though the bowling alley continues to thrive, there are no longer entrances to the stores from the rear parking lot, the theatre is long gone, and stores have come and gone as times and needs change.