Lorain Road Corridor

Lorain Road is Fairview Park’s main thoroughfare and houses one of the community’s two primary business districts. Lorain Road, also designated State Route 10, stretches east-west for four miles through Fairview Park and is bounded by West 229 Street to the west and the Lorain Road Bridge to the east. The Lorain Road Corridor serves as the city center of Fairview Park and provides a diverse demographic of users with access to public transportation, shopping, places of worship, and basic amenities like grocery stores and pharmacies. Lorain Road as a whole is also important to the community and the region as a transportation connector.

If you had traveled the Lorain Road Corridor in the early 1800’s, you would’ve bumped along the dirt road in a wagon, likely hauling your farm produce across what was then “Old Rockport Township,” hoping you didn’t break an axle in the deep ruts, or get stuck in the mud. The trip improved as wood planks were laid across the dirt—and Lorain Road became known as Plank Street. By the 1900’s, residents of the community, now Fairview Park, saw “Mom & Pop” grocery stores and meat shops open along Lorain Road, and by the 1930’s, service stations, barber shops, diners, hatcheries, feed stores, clock shops, drug stores, hardware stores and even a cycle shop had sprouted up. In the 1950’s, farmland gave way to apartment buildings, doctor and dentist offices, and bank, insurance and real estate companies. Our retail district continued its growth throughout the 60’s and 70’s. By the 2000’s, many of the original Mom & Pop shops were gone, but other small businesses, restaurants, recreation facilities, and myriad unique points of interest had taken their place.

Today, more than 200 businesses operate along the Lorain Road Corridor, and the expanse has become a focus for further evolution and development efforts. A recent study funded by the EPA and a community survey conducted by Forward Fairview Park have uncovered myriad opportunities and ideas from civic leaders, local business owners and residents who would like to influence future changes for Lorain Road.

We’re working hard to spur development and make Fairview Park a destination city. We’re excited about what is to come, and we’re proud of the diverse and committed business community that keeps the Lorain Road Corridor lively today.