Mission & History

We believe good things happen when like-minded people come together.

Forward Fairview Park is a coalition of Fairview Park business owners and residents whose mission is to collaborate with the city to help revitalize our Lorain Road Corridor and draw the community together to support it.

Forward Fairview Park adopted these five goals in pursuit of our mission:

  • Engage the local community
  • Support existing Lorain Road businesses
  • Attract new businesses and development
  • Make Lorain Road more walkable
  • Improve the appearance of our city’s main street

The story of Forward Fairview Park is one of collaboration, community empowerment, and civic pride. In 2015, Fairview Park residents saw the closure of several beloved and longstanding businesses on Lorain Road, including Stamper’s and the original East Coast Custard. A groundswell of concern arose from community members disappointed that cherished businesses were lost, worried about the implications of these closures, and frustrated that the number of vacant storefronts on Lorain Road was growing.

Amidst a haze of complaints, rumors, and finger pointing, one Fairview Park resident chose instead to act. Jennifer Trask Stok, who is also a small business owner in Fairview Park, put out a citywide call for action that was answered by a group of residents and business owners with a vested interest in revitalizing Lorain Road and giving our town the main street it deserves.

Since its founding, Forward Fairview Park has undergone changes as we grow, learn, and continually seek to tailor our vision and achieve success. What has not changed is our passion, our drive, and our mission to make good things happen for our community.