Task Forces

Fairview Park is known as “A Great Place to Grow.” Help us keep our momentum going FORWARD.

Forward Fairview Park wishes to empower our fellow community members to take an active role in the revitalization of the Lorain Road Corridor. By volunteering with a task force for just a few hours a month you can meet new people, have fun (guaranteed!) and help grow and maintain a vibrant and attractive community. Take a look at where your talents/interests would fit best:

Placemaking Task Force

The Placemaking Task Force is working to complement the City of Fairview Park’s beautification efforts to improve the appearance of the Lorain Road Corridor. That might include:

  • “Fresh Mobs” to promote property maintenance and enforcement of Fairview Park regulations
  • Advocating for more and healthier trees
  • Researching cost-effective options for supplemental landscaping
  • Suggestions for branding the Corridor with unique design elements and signage
Community Outreach Task Force

As a member of the Community Outreach Task Force, you might help to:

  • Survey residents and business owners/operators to understand their priorities, needs and experiences on Lorain Road
  • Analyze survey results to share with city government and other groups working to support existing businesses and draw new businesses and developers to vacant storefronts, underused and outdated properties
  • Develop community activities and events that will support current and potential businesses
Policy and Standards Task Force

Our Policy and Standards Task Force members advocate for policies and standards that support a high-quality business environment. They may:

  • Go deep into the community’s codes and ordinances to learn what currently governs the planning, design, appearance, signage, traffic and conduct of businesses along the Corridor
  • Analyze whether the codes and ordinances are adequate, enforced and appropriate to current conditions
  • Recommend updates, changes, and/or enhancements needed to improve the Corridor’s business climate and design standards.

If you’d like to volunteer with Forward Fairview Park and make a difference in our community, complete our volunteer registration form.