You want to serve your community? Start here.

Community service and citizen participation have long been at the heart of American civic culture.  Every small town in America – including Fairview Park – experiences a sense of idealism, hope, and promise whenever a group of citizens rally around a shared purpose or goal, with a will to achieve it.

Fairview Park offers many benefits to its citizens, through community activities, the school system, civic organizations, and clubs. Many of these opportunities exist because of volunteer groups that organize, staff, and manage the opportunity, seeking to make a difference. Forward Fairview Park is just one example.

Now is a great time to coach, mentor, staff, attend, garden, assist, serve, or respond when volunteers are requested. But where do you to get involved, you may ask? Figuring out what you can do or how you can help in Fairview Park simply requires a little curiosity and the initiative to make a commitment. One source of information is the City of Fairview Park’s Community Organizations webpage. Another is attending the first ever Welcome Home, Fairview Park being held September 20th. Both of these resources will introduce you to the robust civic network that is the foundation of the Fairview Park community.

What if joining an existing group or club in Fairview Park does not interest you? You can always start a conversation related to one of your own civic interests and/or assemble a group to bring a new effort to life.

If volunteering is too much of a commitment at this time, think of your “family + home” as one of the community’s assets – ask yourself what you can do at home to enhance the unity and cohesiveness of the community.

Historically, our greatest strength as a nation, down to the very smallest community, has been our willingness to be there for one another. And that’s a tradition we all want to continue.